Our Technology


The Energy Collective’s proprietary technology provides a low cost, customisable and scalable energy retailing platform.

At a time when big energy incumbents are wedded to legacy technology and the same-old customer propositions, The Energy Collective has built its proprietary Butter House technology on a cloud-native, open-source platform to digitally deliver a scalable solution for multiple retail services.

Butter House delivers a tailored and automated enterprise solution for the retail sector and is evolving at the pace needed for the energy transition.

This automated platform delivers exceptional customer experience and increases employee engagement – freeing-up the company to innovate and go the extra mile for its customers.

Platform benefits

  • Automated business processes drive low cost to serve and acquire
  • Extensive data lake, models and dashboards provide powerful customer, operations and emissions insights
  • 100% cloud based, minimising infrastructure costs
  • Modular and flexible with seamless integration to API gateways and partners for bundling, cost and emissions optimisation
  • A powerful core combined with extensive configurability allows for rapid product development
  • Extensive data and insights allows for optimisation of costs and emissions

5 million

Smart meter data points arrive daily and are converted to live customer bills

> 2,000

Customer lifecycles managed with market leading satisfaction scores by each of our dedicated customer experience team members


Daily automations and data triggers enriching customer experience and support, streamlining market interactions and optimising retail operations

< 1 day

Minimum time required by our tech team to design and code new automations and deploy into production

What is Butter House technology?

The Butter House technology ecosystem is Australasia’s premier energy retailing stack. It delivers cost efficiency and unrivalled optionality for future energy retailers in its flexible, scalable and open architecture.

Automated customer journey

Simple bill comparisons, seamless sign-up and automated onboarding enhance first impressions; while powerful insights and easy self-service options deliver an unrivalled customer experience.

Simple billing

Flexible billing engine provides customers with the power to create a billing cycle that works for them, minimising bad debts and delivering greater customer empowerment.

Superior customer service

Live chat is enhanced by AI-driven conversation prompters. Automated and configurable ticketing systems allow agents to deliver high quality conversations to maximise conversion and retention.

Fully market integrated

The platform seamlessly integrates into wholesale market systems and smart meter data portals, minimising customer transfer times and delivering market-leading compliance.

Advanced analytics

An integrated business intelligence platform continuously monitors and measures customer happiness and retailer operations. Valuable insights are delivered at the same time as data capture.

Open and cloud native

100% in the cloud – online and accessible to our team anywhere and anytime. Flexible API gateway provides for a limitless ability to connect to external systems and optimise the energy use of consumer energy resources.

Modular and flexible

Fully modular technology features powerful core automation overlaid with market and retailer specific products and customisations.

Infinitely configurable

Business processes and the customer journey can be customised to meet customer needs in any market and vertical, allowing for rapid product development and deployment.